Medici™ Lifestyle Monitor

Aging independently at home made easier for everyone
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Medici on coffee table

Ambient Assisted Living

The Medici™ lifestyle monitor enables seniors and disabled people to live longer independently by recognizing their normal daily activities. Our passive acoustic technology is nonintrusive, contactless, installs anywhere, and automatically notifies their contacts of indications of change in health and lifestyle.

Reliable Monitoring

By levering the cloud both caregivers and family members will never be far away again. Whether home or away, indications of change are sent to their contacts anytime and anywhere using simple text messaging or access the daily activity information available 24/7 securely from the cloud.

Medici™ Test-Drive

Our Android and iOS applications are designed to configure and status any Medici™ lifestyle monitor remotely. Also included is Test-Drive, a basic activity detection system designed for new customers to evaluate the Medici™ system and for existing customers to supplement their lifestyle monitors.


Nothing to Wear

Our innovative technology is contactless and nonintrusive. There are no pendants to wear, buttons to push, or batteries to change.

Simple to Setup

Retrofit any home or facility within minutes without disruptive installations. Medici™ is small enough to fit and complement any living space.

Peace of Mind

Medici™ operates around the clock notifying caregivers whenever something is out of the ordinary. It’s like having a caregiver there.

Intelligent activity detection notifies caregivers of potential incapacitation
Medici notification system